Get Buckets

A free iPhone puzzle game to test your wits. Can you Get Buckets?

Get Buckets is a hard-to-master puzzle game for your iPhone. Go get some buckets!

Get Buckets - John MacAdam

Hours Worked

A feature packed iPhone app to answer the age old question: How many hours have I worked?

Hours Worked started as a website to address my own needs at work. The web app was submitted to the Chrome Webstore in early 2011.

In June of 2012 Hours Worked was released as my first iPhone application.

Hours Worked - John MacAdam

Calories Left

An iPhone and iPad app for all calorie-counters wondering what to eat with their remaining calories.

The idea for What to Eat? came from my friend Merih. We teamed up to create what you see today.

What to Eat Now? - John MacAdam

Mood Verse

A playful iPhone app aiming to change your mood through scripture.

I owe the idea for this app to my lovely wife, Ashley.

Mood Verse - John MacAdam

Sleep Tonight

A stylish iPhone and iPad app to track sleeping habits.

Thanks to my little bro James for the inspiration.

Sleep Tonight - John MacAdam

DMS to Decimal

Convert latitude and longitude from degrees, minutes, seconds to Decimal format. Available now on the web. Coming Soon to the App Store!

RGB to Hex

Convert RGB color value to Hexadecimal. Available now on the web. Coming Soon to the App Store!